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Meet Mika

Dog's Name: Mika

Dog Instagram Handle: @buffaloshiba

Dog's breed or mix? Shiba Inu

Dog's Age: 8 months

Which neighborhood or area of WNY do you reside? Elmwood Village/Allentown, Buffalo

Where is your dog from? Rochester, NY

Favorite food? Apples and cheese (good taste!)

How would you describe your dog's personality?

Mika cracks us up! She is one of the funniest dogs we have ever met (but, we're not biased or anything)

Favorite spot to play in Buffalo? Delaware Park tennis courts

Where do you love to explore around Western New York?

We have had the chance to attend multiple "Barks and Brews" events, Canalside, and Delaware Park. We look forward to hikes along the Niagara River, Chestnut Ridge, Allegheny State Park and more this summer!

Has Mika experienced any health issues?

When Mika was a puppy, she had very bad dry skin that was even more visible due to her black fur. We added a bit of EVOO to her dry food and it worked wonders in clearing her dry skin patches.

What is it like owning a Shiba Inu?

The Shiba Inu breed is known to be most similar to a cat i.e. they hate human affection. As I have been filling out this form, Mika has been curled up in my lap and licking my hands in an attempt to get me to stop typing and pet her instead.

Funny Story of your dog

When scratching Mika underneath her collar, you know the spot, she gets the goofiest grin on her face - a smile that actually stretches from ear to ear. We can't with her.

Fun Fact

Similar to an electronic keyboard, Mika can also make over 30 different sound effects

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