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Meet Shamus

Dog's Name: Shamus

Dog Instagram Handle: @the.famous.shamus

Dog's breed or mix? Dudley Labrador Retriever

Dog's Age: 23 Months

Which neighborhood or area of WNY do you reside? South Buffalo

How did you get Shamus?

My parents returned from a road trip and told my siblings and I that they had a surprise, but we had to come outside. As we ran out the door, who rounded the corner, our sweet (then blue eyed, pure white) Shamus. He was playing in the garden sniffing the flowers. Something told me it was my angel dog- whatever souls are made out of his and mine are the same. He's been my little shadow since. The first night we got him we left our house in South Buffalo and drove to our seasonal cottage in Lake Erie Beach, New York. From the very start our Shamus learned to love the lake and the breeze!

Favorite Toy?

On Shamus’ first night with us, we gave him his bear which we refer to as his "Love Bear". Love Bear is Shamus' best pal! Shamus hugs (literary hugs) and nibbles on Love Bear every night before falling asleep.

Favorite food? Warm cookies!! Shamus has a bit of a sweet tooth. Chicken is also a favorite.

How would you describe your dog's personality?

Sweet and playful! I call Shamus my "Angel Dog", in reference to the book A Dog's Purpose. Shamus loves "waking us up", going for truck rides to get "bits" (aka Tim bits), swimming in the lake, and singing the "good morning song" I sing to him every morning LOL! A lot of people have told us that Shamus doesn't just love us because we feed him and play with him. Shamus really loves like a person. Our Shay is always up for a hug or a belly rub.

Favorite spot to play in Buffalo? Lake Erie Beach Park

Lab on Lake Erie Beach
Shamus on Lake Erie Beach

Is your dog involved in any volunteer organizations?

He will be enrolled in a course this summer which will award him his Canine Good Citizen certification. (And eventually allow him to work with his mom's special education class)

Funny Story about your Shamus?

The first time Shamus met his two St. Bernard Newfoundland cousins, (shamus was only 10 weeks old, and his cousins are both over 150 lbs.) Shamus bit onto Betty's leash and fearlessly tried to take her for a walk!

Shamus' Fun Fact: Shamus' name is derived from there Gaelic word meaning "police officer"- which is my father and grandfather's occupation.

Is Shamus a big traveler? Shamus has been as far as Crystal Beach, CA!


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