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While owning a dog is PAWSitively life-changing, there is one part of ownership that can be a bit intimidating – bath time. There are major benefits to bathing your dog. Dogs of Buffalo has come to the rescue with the benefits and tips to bathing your dog yourself.

Bathing Benefits:

Bonding Time

Spending time 1:1 with your dog increases your companionship and connection. You get to speak to them, they get to be rubbed and scratched while you are working in their bath products. Most times, there are lots of laughs and smiles to share with your dog.

Aids in mental health

Dogs can suffer from mental problems, especially separation anxiety and depression when you do not have a lot of time to devote to them. Bathing them heightens their spirit as well as brings peace, calming any anxieties or neglect they could be possibly feeling. In addition, it can help put an end to any bad behavior that could be going on, which is rooted in any anxiety they may have.

Simple Steps to Bathing your Dog:

1. Frequency of bathing

The number of times you bathe your dog is entirely dependent on how often they get dirty and the biological makeup of their skin. Research your dog’s breed to learn more about this. A general rule of thumb is if your dog stinks, then sink them in the tub!

2.Water Temperature

Lukewarm water is best, as it will be more comfortable for your dog. Too cold or too hot will scare them, starting off bath time on a bad note.


It is important to use dog specific shampoo, because dog’s have skin that is much more sensitive than ours. Using shampoo made for you will irritate your dog’s skin. If interested in more of the science behind a dog’s skin, please read about it from the American Kennel Club.

Here are some shampoo options we recommend:

All Purpose -

Hypoallergeric / Sensitive Skin -


Make sure you pat down your dog with a towel as soon as they get out of the tub. Otherwise, they may dry themselves by rolling all over your house! It is very important to not miss the undercoat, where dogs are susceptible to hot spots. If you are going to use a hair dryer, use it on the low heat or cool setting.

Included are just a couple simple tips on how to many bath time go smooth for the owners of rebellious, rambunctious dogs!

BONUS - 5 Tips to Make Bath Time Easy & Fun with your Furry Friend

If you have a dog that may not be a fan of getting wet, or can get excited and rambunctious, these are a couple easy tips you can follow that will make bath time a favorite time of the week for you and your dog.


Experts suggest, however, that you pick days where you have nothing going on so you can devote all your time and attention to your dog. This allows you to focus 100% on your dog and you can give them they attention they need. That way there is no rushing around and creating a stressful, hectic atmosphere for both you and your pet.

Time of Day to Bath

A tip is to make sure bath time is during bright hours, such as the early morning or afternoon. This will make your dog feel less scared or anxious.

Play Music

If you all share any music that is enjoyable, you can play it in the background while you are speaking to them. It creates a calming atmosphere that will relax them as well as keep you relaxed and happy.

Get them relaxed

There are ‘calming treats’ available in pet stores that aid in relieving any anxieties or stress. They are made with all-natural ingredients and can be given to your pet once or twice a day. Give your pet one of these treats during bath time and you will find bath time a breeze.

Check out a PUPular one here:

More Treats!

If you are not so sure about calming treats, keep regular treats or snacks in the bathroom with you. You can put peanut butter on your wall and let them lick it off while bathing them. Or if they allow you to get their shampoos on successfully, give them a dog treat between that and rinsing. Do that again after drying and they should be well behaved!

Bath time does not have to be considered a hassle. In fact, it can become a favorite activity for both you and your pet! Follow these tips and you will find that it isn't such a scary and hectic time, and your dog will love the extra time and attention you are doting on them.

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